Memberships and Accreditations

AIM Secure Accreditation

We have recently passed the AIM Secure Accreditation. This is a recognised mark of excellence which demonstrates we are compliant, capable and competent. It is a robust process which ensures that venues and industry suppliers are fit for purpose and operate as decent and ethical organisations.

This new accreditation highlights that our venue meets certain criteria that uphold a professional quality standard and offer an environment that is healthy and hygienic for both customers and staff.

The AIM Secure measures:

  • The quality of our meeting and events facilities
  • Commitment to delivering a healthy and hygienic environment
  • Service delivery
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Commitment towards diversity and inclusion

AIM Secure considers our whole meetings and events offering and is only awarded to those who can verify they are following the stringent protocols set out by the standard.

MIA Membership

We are members of the Meeting Industry Association. The MIA facilitates both meetings and learning in order to solve industry issues, share best practice and advance the standards of conference, meetings and events facilities and service throughout the UK.

Founded in 1990, the MIA has grown and evolved to better serve the industry and strives to help us better serve our clients and delegates.

It is through the MIA that we worked to achieve the AIM mark of excellence.


Recycling is important for the environment and is very much a part of the way we operate today. There are separate bins for both paper and plastic in every room with extra bins for cans too in communal areas.

Food waste, kept to a minimum of course, is recycled too, as well as other consumable items like glass, light bulbs and print cartridges.

We also ensure that anything in the building due for replacement is taken to specialist recycling locations for reuse or refurbishment, including old chairs, PC’s and even ceiling tiles.

Carbon Footprint

In addition to recycling, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible. Light bulbs in the building are now LED, so they use less electricity and don’t need to be recycled as frequently.

Also the projectors in every room are very recent models that have energy saving devices, including a standby mode and a power-off mode if left idle for some time. They are also fitted with LED bulbs, again using less electricity and lasting many, many hours longer than older models.

Waterless urinals are another new addition, saving up to 151,000 litres of water per urinal per year, with the added benefit of reducing bacteria at the same time.


When we reviewed our coffee suppliers, we sampled eight different coffees and got delegates and leaders to taste them and rate them on a feedback card. A Colombian blend from the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company was a clear winner and we were delighted that it was Fairtrade coffee.

The Fairtrade Mark helps to overcome the effects of fluctuating coffee prices on those producers and growers in the most marginalised of areas by guaranteeing a minimum price for each quality grade of bean.

Communities in those coffee growing areas also benefit through the Fairtrade premium – a sum of money paid on top of the agreed Fairtrade price for investment, typically in education and healthcare, farm improvements to increase yield and quality, or processing facilities to increase income.