No quibble guarantee

If we fail to keep any of these promises we’ll send you a very large box of Thornton’s Chocolates with our compliments and apologies!

No quibble guarantee

However many times you have run an event here at the Venue, it’s nice to feel confident that you’ll be looked after at every stage of the process, from getting in touch, booking an event, dealing with queries, running the event and even through to taking care of the invoicing.
We know how you feel and have committed to a series of promises so that you can see how we aim to look after you. We’re not perfect, however, so if we fail to keep any of these promises, we’ll send you a very large box of Thornton’s chocolates with our compliments and apologies.
Real and friendly people answering the phone

  • We don’t use voicemail and promise that you will only speak to our helpful, friendly staff.

Fast response

  • We’ll get back to you quickly and before your deadline with the relevant information and pricing.
  • When you make an enquiry, the person looking after you will give you their name and direct dial phone number. However, every time you contact us, every member of the team will be happy to help you.

Minimal Paperwork!

  • You won’t be asked to fill out ANY forms! To open an account we just need your company registration number or business details and we’ll open the account there and then, over the phone.
  • Our booking form is just one side of A4 paper and that’s all you need to sign to confirm an event. The terms and conditions are also just one side of A4 and clients say our cancellation terms are the fairest in the industry.

Our Price Guarantee

  • The booking form will set out all the costs for your event and the invoice will match exactly, item for item. Your final invoice won’t be a penny more than the last booking form you signed plus any additional delegates that attend.

Continuity from Booking to Event

  • Our operations team will ensure that your event is set­ up as you requested and the person you booked the event with will be there and available on the day to ensure continuity.
  • Our whole team is committed to making sure that everything runs smoothly for you, from your initial enquiry through to the completion of your event. So if there’s anything you would like us to do, just ask because…​”If we can, we will”.

The whole process is seamless

We have been using ETCV for public courses for several years now and have been very impressed with the service from start to finish. The event co-ordinators are very organised (well apart from Stewart who supports Celtic) so the whole process is seamless. We would have no hesitation in recommending ETCV.


A reliable, affordable and convenient base for our workshops

The ECTV has provided Going Digital Scotland with a very reliable, affordable and convenient base for our workshops. The staff provided excellent support, from booking the venue to ensuring the course runs smoothly on the day with no technical problems.

Going Digital