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Local Business Feature – Two Skies


Situated at 5 High Street, Edinburgh, Two Skies is a family run business that designs and makes jewellery using environmentally sound and ethically sourced minerals from across the globe.  These include a diverse variety of stones from around the world and include Scottish gemstones such as the Cairngorm (national stone of Scotland), Angus Carnelian (used in the Crown jewels), Agates, Marbles from the East and West Coast, Edinburgh Castle rock, Arthurs Seat rock and Cobble Stones from Edinburgh’s oldest streets. 

Image of Adam collecting Iona Marble

Their recently launched, Scottish Gold range features genuine hand-panned gold nuggets in a selection of rings, pendants, and earrings.

“Our shop is testament to owner, Adam MacIntosh and his tenacious, planet-wide hunt for the highest quality gemstones and crystals for our stunning jewellery.   So much so, these adventures have earned him the press nickname of ‘Indiana Stones’!”

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone or a well-earned treat for yourself, you will find a huge selection of gemstone rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and a vast range of natural gemstones to make your own jewellery.

With jewellery suitable for all pockets, Two Skies invites the readers of the Edinburgh Training & Conference Centre newsletter to enjoy a piece of Lucky Highland Green Marble when making a purchase during December ’21.

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Zero Waste Christmas


Household waste increases by 30% over the Christmas period. 

As Scotland works towards net zero it is up to us to do what we can to help out along the way. While we understand it is challenging to have an entirely waste-free Christmas, there are many ways you can drastically cut down on excess this festive period. 

All it takes is some clever planning and a creative approach to ingredients – and to make things even easier, our chef Sam has already done the hard work for you.

Sam’s Christmas Dinner Calculator:

Turkey500g per person – plenty on the day and for leftovers
Potatoes1 1/2 large per person
Vegetables400g per person
Stuffing150g per person
Gravy250ml per person

It’s easier said than done, but stick to your shopping list and use the calculator! 

Christmas is a time of excess and supermarkets often like to encourage us to buy more than we need, whether it be two-for-one offers or multi-pack deals: no one really needs 2kg of carrots – unless you are, in fact, Rudolph the rednosed reindeer. 

By following Sam’s guidelines you will end up with a delicious dinner and some scrummy leftovers, minus the usual side order of guilt due to overconsumption and a lack of preparation.

Up to a third of turkeys won’t even see the dinner table due to being undercooked. And those that do are often quickly discarded due to overcooking and lack of preparation.

Avoid culinary disaster by writing and following a strict plan on the day to ensure everything is cooked perfectly and on time.

And please don’t throw your old bird away! There is still hope for her. 

“Hope” disguised as a tremendous turkey curry.


It is also important to remember that Christmas is not only notorious for food waste, but also generates 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging – which is equivalent to 5.5 million Christmas trees. 

Here are some handy tips to cut down on plastic this year.

• Bring your own bags to the supermarket. Where possible, buy loose fruit and vegetables, or use refillable, reusable containers.

• At home, use sealable containers to keep things fresh in the fridge.

• If you’re having Christmas away from home this year, have a look online for the local council’s recycling guidelines on what they do or do not recycle and in what condition they need to be received. 

• Look out for bioplastics if you are buying – these are made from renewable biomass sources and under the right conditions are able to completely decompose.

Supporting Your Event


Each time you visit the venue you’ll have the chance to meet the team. This could include the Events Manager, James, one of the event support team, or even our Head Chef Sam. However, the person you are almost bound to meet is our receptionist. They will be the person that greets you at the front door, registers you for your event and, in the current environment, gives you a quick temperature check. 

We’re delighted that Rachel Dobbie has joined the team, taking on the many responsibilities of our receptionist since October. We chose Rachel because she is friendly, approachable and loves helping people. She’s also got a broad range of experience, in several different areas, that make her particularly suited to this role. 

As well as being your first point of contact, the role includes providing all those little touches that make your event a success. Before you have arrived, Rachel will have checked your room from top to bottom, ensuring everything is set up exactly as you wanted: then, following a 56 point checklist throughout the day to make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. For example :- Topping up your coffee on time. Making sure that your delegates dietary requirements are met, be it soya milk or a gluten free lunch. 

No task is too big or too small for Rachel. Whether it be topping up pens, checking the AC. Handling any paperwork or copying needs. Getting your guide dog a water bowl or organising a replacement laptop when yours is having a bad day. 

Rachel’s past experience in hospitality, including large events for over 1,000 people, will definitely be an asset here. So, if you’re in the venue and there’s anything you need, Rachel is the go to person to make it happen. If you have any questions, please,  ask away. Or even just say “hi” – it will make her day! 

Another part of her role is coordinating our Social Media and Marketing activities. Again, Rachel is well equipped for these tasks with a degree in Journalism, and experience of working with The Oban Times and a major agency in Leith.  Rachel will be bringing her professional journalist skills to this newsletter every quarter.  

Have you seen our social media posts? You may have noticed that they have a new creative edge to them, that’s thanks to Rachel.

Finally, the whole team is committed to our mantra “If we Can we Will” so please, just ask away, we love a challenge.