Audio visual equipment on-site

Everything you need for your presentation is already on-site, together with our dedicated support team to help you set up and provide immediate assistance throughout your event









Audio visual equipment on-site

We have everything you need for your presentation:

  • Projectors – All eco-friendly and from Optoma, a manufacturer dedicated exclusively to making projectors, giving you a high quality image on the screen to help get your message across.  In truth we’ve never had a presenter unable to replicate on the screen the same colours and detail as on their device.
  • Adaptors – We have every conceivable adaptor on hand so regardless of which device you’re using, we can guarantee you’ll be able to connect!
  • PA system – includes lapel, desktop and roaming microphones so that you’re covered for sitting at the desk, walking around, and getting input from your delegates in a Q & A session.
  • Hearing Loop – This is also available if you have anyone with hearing difficulties and wearing a hearing aid.
  • Walltalkers – whilst not strictly Audio Visual, these turn an entire strip of wall into a whiteboard, enabling you to keep work on display whilst writing more. They’re very popular.

On the subject of display, we are very relaxed about having post-it notes and Blu-tack on the walls, so please go ahead if it suits your event.

In addition there are video cameras available if you’d like to capture your delegates on the screen for an exercise and then give detailed feedback on their performance.

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