Technical support on tap

Our experienced, proactive and friendly support team are on-site at all times to help you set up and assist you with any issues during your event.









Technical support on tap

We totally understand your frustration when you can’t get your laptop to connect to the projector or you can’t access the WiFi, especially when you have to wait a long time for assistance.

We have worked hard to eliminate that frustration.

If you’re the presenter, one of our event support team will show you to your room, give you a few minutes to get settled and then join you again to ensure that all your IT requirements are working. This includes:

  • giving you WiFi codes,
  • checking that your laptop or tablet connects to the projector,
  • checking that the display on the screen corresponds with the display on your device,
  • making sure you’re familiar with the PA system if appropriate,
  • making sure you’re familiar with the Video Conferencing equipment if appropriate.

Immediate Help
If you experience any challenges during the day, you can call our team from your room or simply pop along to see us – the door is always open. We will be in your room within seconds of your alert and know how to resolve any issue.

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Productive, flexible and creative space

You can achieve so much more when you combine all the ingredients you need for a successful event.


High Speed and Free throughout the venue

PC Hire

Range of high spec PC’s to suit your needs and budget

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Automatically included for you and all your delegates

Technical Support

Based on-site and available to give you immediate assistance

Comfortable Chairs

Chosen to give you maximum comfort and flexibility

Audio Visual

Everything you need on-site