Light and spacious training rooms

Enjoy natural daylight, air conditioning and ceiling-mounted projectors in every room, with our technical support team on-site to ensure you have a stress-free event.









Light and spacious training rooms

We have 16 different sized training rooms available to suit the numbers in your group, all with natural daylight and air conditioning. Each of these can be set up in any configuration you need and can even be changed or reset during your training session.

There are ceiling mounted projectors available in every room that reliably display exactly what’s on your screen, together with a white board and the option of a “walltalker”, which turns an entire strip of wall into a white board.

Our on-site support team are there to make sure your training session runs smoothly, from making sure you can connect to the projector and the high-speed WiFi, to meeting and greeting your delegates and providing you with immediate assistance if and when you need it.

You and your delegates can also enjoy very comfortable office style chairs, chosen with the help of 20 regular instructors in the Venue. They are all on wheels, fully adjustable and with extremely good lower back support, so perfect for keeping everyone engaged.

Exam Rooms


Productive, flexible and creative space

You can achieve so much more when you combine all the ingredients you need for a successful event.

Natural Daylight

Every room enjoys natural daylight

High Ceilings

Promote the feeling of space and creativity

Water Coolers, Cordials and Sweets

Water Coolers, Cordials and Sweets


Ask for the whiteboard that gives you unlimited space to write

Immediate Assistance

In-room help as soon as you request it

Air Conditioning

Full temperature control for your comfort

Ceiling Mounted Projectors

Give your delegates unrestricted views of your presentation

Essential Stationery

A tent card, pad and pen for every delegate

Comfortable Chairs

Chosen to give you maximum comfort and flexibility

57-Point Checklist

Everything in your room is guaranteed to be working and ready to go before yout arrival