Reliable video conferencing

A commitment to delivering reliable and cost-effective video conferencing means that we probably offer the best and most flexible service in Edinburgh.









Reliable Video Conferencing

Our Video Conferencing service has been designed to provide a reliable and hassle free service. This includes:

  •  Three portable Video Conference units that can be screened on a TV monitor for small groups or through the projector for larger groups
  • Technical support staff on site throughout the duration of your call
  • Five dedicated high speed internet lines so that if any one line fails, you’ll be switched to another line quickly and seamlessly, so you won’t notice a thing
  • Bridging to provide connections to all your locations, both via the internet (IP) and phone lines (ISDN)
  • Complimentary test call before the event to check connectivity
  • Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so ideal for international calls where there is a significant time difference.

So no matter what your requirements are, a one on one interview, a board meeting or a conference, we can provide a reliable, cost effective video conference link.

Free high speed WiFi


Productive, flexible and creative space

You can achieve so much more when you combine all the ingredients you need for a successful event.


High Speed and Free throughout the venue

PC Hire

Range of high spec PC’s to suit your needs and budget

Meet and Greet

Automatically included for you and all your delegates

Technical Support

Based on-site and available to give you immediate assistance

Comfortable Chairs

Chosen to give you maximum comfort and flexibility

Audio Visual

Everything you need on-site