Quiet and comfortable exam rooms

We have capacity for up to 40 examinees to complete paper, computer or online based exams. Full meet and greet is included, together with natural daylight.









Quiet and comfortable exam rooms

You can have the traditional paper-based exam layout or something a little different if your format requires, especially if your exam is online or computer based.

Every exam room enjoys natural daylight and high ceilings to relieve the stress of exams, as well as coat racks so that chairs can be kept clear and comfortable. You also have access to air conditioning for those occasional hot days in the year and full temperature control so you can set the ideal environment for your examines!

We know that timekeeping is critical and will go out of our way to make sure you start on time. Our dedicated support team will meet every examinee at reception and show them to your exam room so that no one gets lost along the way. You’ll also have a clock on the wall so that everyone can see what time they have left.

You can send exam papers in advance where appropriate. We are very familiar with receiving lock boxes or tamper proof envelopes for this purpose and can provide full security for them, in a locked office, until the time of your exam.

For computer based exams, we will ensure there are a couple of extra PC’s set up and ready to go in case there are any issues, so your examines can simply switch computers with minimal interruption.

We know that exams can be a nerve-wracking time and will do all we can to make sure you have everything you need. If you require adjudicators, we would be happy to supply them.

Conference Rooms

I.T. Training Rooms

Productive, flexible and creative space

You can achieve so much more when you combine all the ingredients you need for a successful event.

Natural Daylight

Every room enjoys natural daylight

High Ceilings

Promote the feeling of space and creativity

Water Coolers, Cordials and Sweets

Water Coolers, Cordials and Sweets


Ask for the whiteboard that gives you unlimited space to write

Immediate Assistance

In-room help as soon as you request it

Air Conditioning

Full temperature control for your comfort

Ceiling Mounted Projectors

Give your delegates unrestricted views of your presentation

Essential Stationery

A tent card, pad and pen for every delegate

Comfortable Chairs

Chosen to give you maximum comfort and flexibility

57-Point Checklist

Everything in your room is guaranteed to be working and ready to go before yout arrival