Home-baked cakes eaten every week


Varieties of tea to choose from


Eggs boiled, baked, fried or scrambled each week


Bowls of home-made soup served every day

Food & Drink

Enjoy fresh, tasty and energy boosting food every day, all freshly prepared for you on-site. You can choose from simple refreshments and nibbles, a delicious fresh buffet or an express three-course meal in the restaurant, giving you the flexibility to fit around your schedule and budget.

On-site restaurant


Having a restaurant on-site gives you the opportunity to enjoy a change of scene from your event room, allow delegates to catch up and sit in a relaxed environment, breaking up the day.

Breakfasts and lunches are all cooked to order so your food is kept fresh and you don’t have to queue for it. You’ll be given a time for your lunch to ensure you can walk straight into the restaurant when you arrive and get back to your event in good time, even if you’ve opted for all three courses!

The lunch menu changes every day so that if you’re with us for a whole week or more, you can select a different option everyday. Sam carefully puts together the menus to ensure there are healthy options with energy and brain boosting ingredients like pesto, beans, grains and nuts. Of course you may prefer something more traditional.

Starters always include a home-cooked soup packed with vegetables, never thickening agents! There are two hot main dishes and a daily salad special on the menu everyday, as well as jacket potatoes, wraps, sandwiches and baguettes. You may fancy a dessert too and can choose something a little naughty, whilst there is always fruit salad and cheese & biscuits. There really is something for everyone.

Breakfast is freshly cooked too and you can enjoy sausage, egg or bacon in a roll or on toast, as well as a selection of cereals, yoghurts and fruit.

Fresh tea and coffee

When you’re a tea or coffee lover, you know all too well how a great cup can really lift your whole day, while a poor one can leave you feeling completely let down!

For coffee lovers we have a Colombian Fairtrade blend of Arabica beans, grown at altitude in the mountains where the soil and weather delivers high-grade coffee beans from each cherry on the plant. It’s got a full body and a smooth, nutty aftertaste – great at any time of day!

But how can we be so sure you’ll love it? When we reviewed our coffee suppliers, we got in samples of eight different coffees from various suppliers and got the delegates and leaders that were in the building that week to taste them and rate them on a feedback card. The Colombian blend from the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company was a clear winner and we were delighted that it was Fairtrade coffee.

For tea lovers, we have 27 varieties of tea in the Venue to guarantee you’ll find something that will suit your taste, mood and health!

There’s caffeine-free Redbush tea from the rooibos plant, grown only in the Western Cape of South Africa. There’s a whole host of fruit and herbal teas like Reviving Nettle and Peppermint and Revitalising Lemon & Ginger, as well as a huge selection of Green Teas including Orange & Lotus Flower. New teas come in regularly as tastes and trends change.

Of course if you prefer the standard cuppa, you can have that too.

Freshly prepared buffets

All our buffets are freshly prepared on-site, using local produce where possible, and are carefully selected to give pleasure as well as calories!

You can select the menu that fits with your delegates as well as with your budget and if you have any specific requests we’d be delighted to accommodate you where possible.

There is always a lovely choice of fillings for sandwiches and wraps, with plenty of additional, delicious eats like chorizo and olive bruschetta, hot BBQ chicken wings, sweet potato curry bites, grilled halloumi and red onion skewers, mini peppered steak pies.

Let us know what you fancy and we’ll help you to delight your group.

Delicious home baking

Every day Head Chef Sam chooses a different and delicious cake to bake for delegates to enjoy as a welcome snack in the morning or in the afternoon. If you’re in the building for a week long event, that means five different cakes to savour!

Sam loves to experiment and puts a twist in any cake recipe to add a special flavour or texture for you to enjoy. In fact we’ve counted over 120 different home baking recipes since he joined us, so you can be sure to try something a little different while you’re here.

If you have any particular suggestions, let us know as Sam is always willing to try out new ideas and you might just have your name on the recipe!

Cakes are always served at room temperature and kept safe inside glass domes so you can enjoy them at their best. Of course you don’t have to say yes!

Sweet and savoury nibbles

When you don’t need full catering but you fancy some nibbles, we can offer you a selection of different goodies to suit your timings, appetite and budget.

Favourite nibbles include crisps, vegetable crisps, nuts, popcorn, Bombay mix and pretzels as you might expect. Also very popular, though, are bite-sized sandwiches and wraps, dried fruit, seeds and fruit skewers, either on their own, or on a platter with white chocolate and mascarpone dipping sauce.

If you need to impress and would like canapes, we can cater for those too, including chorizo and prawn skewers, Teriyaki chicken and duck spring rolls.

Let us know what you’d like and whether you’d like some suggestions to suit your event. You can also choose to have your nibbles during or after your event to suit your schedule.

Dietary Requirements

Cooking food to suit AND delight guests with dietary requirements is a pleasure and a part of our everyday.

You’ll find that some needs are taken care of as a matter of course: every single menu, for both the restaurant and for buffets, includes vegetarian options.

We’re also delighted to cater for guests who are vegan, pescatarian, gluten free, wheat free, lactose intolerant, requiring kosher food or halal meat, or needing to avoid any number of specific foods, herbs or spices.

If you have a special request for a particular food, just don’t forget to tell us in advance and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate you.