Privacy Policy

What is this document ?

What is this document ?
This document describes how and why we process your personal information. Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to using your personal information lawfully and protecting your privacy. This document sets out how we comply with the GDPR regulations that come into effect from 25th May 2018.

Who are we?
Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue is the trading name of Edinburgh Training Centre Limited which is registered in Scotland, number SC266120. Our registered address is 16 St Mary’s Street EDINBURGH EH1 1SU
Edinburgh Training Centre Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Our registration number is ZA055798 .

How and on what basis do we collect, hold, use and/or process personal information?
We will only collect, hold, use and/or process (together “process”) your personal information where we are legally allowed to do so. We will ensure that your personal information is:

  • Processed lawfully, fairly and transparently

  • Collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes

  • Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purpose of the processing

  • Kept accurate and up to date

  • Only kept for so long as is necessary

  • Processed securely using appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure integrity and confidentiality

For us, the lawful basis which we rely on will fall into one of the following:

  • Contractual performance: where we process your personal information for contractual performance. This includes enabling us to take steps you request prior to us entering into a contract; and then once we have entered into a contract, to enable us to perform the contract and to provide you our venue services.

  • Legitimate interests: where we process your personal information for our legitimate interests. We are a commercial organisation engaged in the provision of venue space and services. We have an interest in promoting, marketing and selling the space and services. Where we process your personal information for our interests we will do so only where we have carefully considered both our and your interests. We will not process your personal information if our interests are overridden by your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.

  • Consent: where we rely solely on your consent to process your personal information. There may be circumstances where we need to or are required to obtain and/or rely upon your consent to process your personal information. If this is the case we will give you:

  • The reason for needing your consent, including details as to how we will process your information

  • The choice as to whether to provide consent

  • Information to enable you to withdraw your consent

Why do we process personal information and how do we process it?
We process your personal information for a number of reasons. Primarily this will be to enable you to use our services. We only process your personal information in accordance with the law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation, as set out in this privacy notice.

ExampleLawful Basis for processing
You are a customerWe will have entered into a contract with you in order to provide you with services.
You use our websiteTo help inform you of our services. Where we process your information, we will do so with your consent
You visit the venueThe legitimate interests for processing information when you visit our venue is to ensure your security and safety during the visit
You apply for a job with usThe legitimate interests for processing information you provide us is to facilitate your application for employment
You contact usThe legitimate interests for processing information you provide us when you contact us on a specific enquiry is to enable us to address your query
If you are a supplierWe will have entered into a contract with you in order for you to supply us with products, goods or services

How do we process personal information?

ExampleWhere is the personal information captured
Where you are a customerIn discussions and emails about your event.
In the Sales Order Form.
If you use our websiteVia the enquiry form on our website
Via cookies or our website analytics tools
When you attend one of our eventsOn a delegate list provided by the organiser
By signing onto the event register
If you visit our officesWhen you sign-in to our visitor book
If you apply for a job with usTypically, via email when you send us your CV
Completing online assessments
If you are contacting usTypically, via email or phone to one of our staff

What personal information do we process?

Depending on the circumstances for processing, personal information we process will include: title/salutation; name; organisation; address; country or location; e-mail addresses; telephone numbers; IP address and information obtained from that address; information we obtain from use of cookies on your computer.

For delegates on events we may process dietary information.

For job applicants we may process date of birth; previous employer.

We do not process any sensitive personal information about you. You should not provide us with any sensitive personal information or personal information for anybody under 16 years of age. Any sensitive personal information provided to us will be deleted.

If you wish to store or print sensitive personal information as part of your use of the venue, for example a tribunal, we will work with you to provide you with the facilities for you to securely store and print sensitive personal information.

The only Organisations with whom we may share your personal information are:

  • Those whom we use for our back-office systems, for the purpose of hosting those back-office systems. We will have researched to ensure that such systems fully comply with the all the GDPR requirements.

  • We use a third party provider, Constant Contact, to deliver our quarterly e-newsletters. We gather statistics around email opening and clicks using industry standard technologies to monitor and improve our e-newsletter. Constant Contact complies with GDPR regulations.

  • We use a third party provider, Survey Monkey to deliver our surveys. We gather information to help us improve our service levels, improve our offering and organise events. Survey Monkey complies with GDPR regulations.

Unless legally required to do so, we will not share your personal information with any other organisation without your consent.

If we need your consent we will:

  • Explain why we need to share your personal information

  • Explain the purpose for which we will be sharing it

  • Provide you with details of the third party

  • Obtain your explicit consent for such

You will be able to easily withdraw your consent in the same way in which you gave it.

How long do we keep your personal information?

  • In all cases we will only keep your personal information for as long as we have a lawful basis for processing it.

  • Where you enter into a contract and/or place an order, we will keep your information for the duration of the contract and/or order, and thereafter for such period as we are required by law (to comply with financial legislation), or for so long as is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

  • Where you have made a general or specific enquiry but have not entered into a contract or placed an order with us, we will keep your information until that enquiry is resolved.

  • Where you have expressly consented to and/or subscribed to marketing, newsletters, events information or to any other form of communication, we will keep your information only whilst your consent and/or subscription is valid.

Where we no longer need your information and no longer have a basis for keeping it, we will delete it within 6 months.

How do we secure your personal data?

We place a great deal of importance on the security of all personal information. We have in place appropriate technical and security measures which are reviewed routinely.

Your rights; including your right to object and right to withdraw consent.

We respect and place significant importance on your rights. Full details can be found here on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

In summary, your rights include the right to:

  • Basic information (such as our identity, or that of the controller if not us, the reason and basis on which we process your personal data, together with as much information to ensure fairness and transparency) and to be informed

  • Object: to object to processing of personal data where such is done by us in certain circumstances, for example for our legitimate interests or direct marketing

  • Withdraw consent: to withdraw your previously given consent

  • Access: to request a copy of your personal data

  • Rectification: to correct personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete

  • Erasure:  to request the removal or deletion of personal data

  • Restrict processing:  to restrict the processing of personal data

  • Data portability:  to obtain and reuse personal data

If you wish to object or to withdraw consent, please contact us using one of the ways shown in the Contact Us section below. Please note that

In addition, where we have sent you a marketing email, we will have provided an ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘set your preferences’ or ‘opt-out’ link which you can use to stop any future marketing communications.

If you wish to see a copy of your personal data held by us, please contact us using one of the ways shown in the Contact Us section below. Please note that we may require ID to confirm your identity. We will provide a copy of your personal data within one month of your request.

Concerns or complaint?
If you have a concern or complaint about our processing of your personal information, then you may contact us though one of the methods detailed below. We will endeavour to resolve or address your concern or complaint. If we are not able to do so you may be entitled to complain to the supervisory authority and/or seek a remedy through the courts.

Contact us:
If you want to discuss how or why we hold personal information about you, what personal information we hold about you, or request your personal information to be amended or deleted, please contact us by one of the following means:

  • E-mail us at: [email protected]

  • Telephone us on: 0131 538 8333

  • Write to us at : Edinburgh Training Centre Ltd 16 St Mary’s Street, EDINBURGH EH1 1SU.

This document was last updated on the 24th May 2018.