Microsoft Excel Level 2

Course Aims

This course is designed for learners who wish to develop their existing knowledge of Excel and learn
some of its more complex features, including how to analyse and manage large amounts of data.
A number of commonly used timesaving features are also introduced giving the necessary skills to use this software effectively.

By the end of the course, the user will be competent with the following skills:

Course Content

Worksheet Views

  • Use Worksheet Views
  • Use Zoom
  • Display Multiple Windows
  • Freeze Panes
  • Use Split
  • Create, Display & Delete Custom Views

Advanced Cell Formatting

  • Apply Text Wrap
  • Use Merge & Shrink to Fit
  • Change Text Orientation
  • Remove Cell Formatting
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Use Paste Special
  • Add & Remove Conditional


  • Use AutoCalculate & AutoCorrect


  • Protect Cells
  • Hide Data
  • Hide & Unhide Columns & Rows
  • Create Read-Only Workbooks
  • Hide & Unhide Windows
  • Protect Workbooks

Cell Comments

  •  Use Cell Comments
  • Display Cell Comments
  • Create, Edit & Delete Cell Comments
  • Print Comments


  • Understand Templates
  • Create, Use, Edit & Delete Templates


  • Use & Create Names from Ranges
  • Paste & Apply Names
  • Use Names in Formulas
  • Use Names with Go To

Advanced Cell Editing

  • Select Cells of a Specific Type
  • Use Repeat
  • Find & Replace Text
  • Spell Check
  • Transpose Data

Setting Chart Parameters

  • Add & Format Titles
  • Add Data Labels
  • Add & Remove Legends
  • Change Intervals & Limits on Axis
  • Add a Trendline
  • Add a Trendline Equation
  • Insert Text Boxes

Format Charts

  • Apply House Styles
  • Apply Superscript & Subscript Effects
  • Apply Numeric Formatting on Axes
  • Apply Fill Colour to the Plot Area
  • Apply Fill Colour to the Data Series
  • Format a Scatter Chart
  • Change Line Style & Weight

Format Charts

  • Apply House Styles
  • Apply Superscript & Subscript Effects
  • Apply Numeric Formatting on Axes
  • Apply Fill Colour to the Plot Area
  • Apply Fill Colour to the Data Series
  • Format a Scatter Chart
  • Change Line Style & Weight

Advanced Printing

  • Use Adjust & Print to Fit
  • Print a Selection
  • Use Print Areas
  • Print Titles
  • Add & Remove Page Breaks
  • Understand Page Break Preview

Advanced Formulas

  • Control Calculation
  • Create Cumulative Totals
  • Formula Errors
  • Use Data, Growth & Date Series
  • Create Custom Number Formats
  • Use Iteration
  • Understand Arrays


  • Use Goal Seek
  • Understand Solver
  • Use Solver to Maximise Profit
  • Use Solver to Minimise Costs
  • Create Solver Reports


  • Create Scenarios
  • Use & Edit Scenarios
  • Delete Scenarios
  • Create Scenario Summary Report


  • Create a Link
  • Link Open Workbooks
  • Link Unopened Workbooks
  • Update Linked Workbooks


  • Create a List
  • Create a Custom Link
  • Use a Data Form
  • Find & Edit Records
  • Add & Delete Records
  • Add Subtotals to a List
  • Use List Functions

Filter Lists

  • Filter Lists
  • Use the AutoFilter
  • Use Custom Criteria with AutoFilter
  • Use the Advanced Filter
  • Filter Using Complex Criteria
  • Extract Filtered Data


  • Sort Data
  • Sort Multiple Columns
  • Perform Custom Sorts


  • Understand PivotTables
  • Create a PivotTable from Data
  • Display One Item in a PivotTable
  • Use the PivotTable Toolbar
  • Update a PivotTable
  • Create Charts from PivotTables
  • Format a PivotTable
  • Create a PivotTable from Other Data Sources
  • Group Data

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at anyone who has a good understanding of the concepts covered in the Level 1
course and for those who wish to examine some of the more advanced features of Excel. A good
working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system is required.

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Course Location

This course will be run at the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue, which is situated in the centre of Edinburgh, just 5 minutes walk from Waverley Station and close to major bus routes, including the airport bus. Discounted parking is available at the St John’s Hill NCP Car Park. Our training rooms are light and spacious, all are air conditioned with natural daylight.

Complimentary breakfast and lunch will provided, as well as tea and coffee throughout the day. If you’ve got any special dietary requirements just let us know, ideally in advance, and we will be pleased to cater for them. Our team will be there on the day to make sure everything goes smoothly. If there’s anything you need please ask, because “If we Can we Will”.

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